Since 1972 CLIPPER has been the spark, colour and design for millions of people all over the world. For your parties, holidays, daily breaks or chilling with your friends - our lighters are made to share every moment of your life. Whoever you are and whatever you do, there is always a CLIPPER for you!

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Our Values

CLIPPER is not just cool designs and pretty colours, we care for your safety too!

CLIPPER is more than just a lighter. Its history, features and design make it unique in the lighter market.

CLIPPER, the icon

CLIPPER was designed in Barcelona in 1970 by the vanguard designer Enric Sarda hired by FLAMAGAS S.A. Over the past 40 years, our distinguished shape is highly recognised by our customers making our lighters, more than an object, an icon.

The authentic refillable lighter

Have you ever loved your lighter that much that you would take it everywhere? No worries, CLIPPER is truly refillable, it can be refilled and reflinted. This way you can keep it as long as you wish.

*Other refillable lighters may only allow you to refill the gas but not replace the flint, making it a disposable lighter when flint has worn out.

Ideal for packing

Its removable flint system can be used as an ideal packing tool for pressing tobacco. What else could you ask for?

Our lighter contains top quality isobutane gas. Isobutane is much safer than propane.

Our quality and safety standards are superior to generic lighters on the market. We assure that by carrying out the following tests::


CLIPPER is one of a few lighters that fully comply on its production with the international safety norm ISO 9994.


Compared to other generic lighters, CLIPPER is produced with Nylon, which improves its benefits. Better strengh and more flexibility prevents our lighter from cracking, and can tolerate higher temperatures.

Preset flame

Our unique valve sets the flame at a stable and safe height of 30mm max. which minimizes the risk of accidents.

Child Safety

CLIPPER has a "child-resistant" device on its ignition system. This is installed to prevent 85% of children of an age of 52 months or less, to ignite our lighters.

CLIPPER is a refillable and reflintable lighter, making it a reusable and environmentally friendly product. CLIPPER helps to reduce waste.

More ecological

Every year millions of disposal lighters are produced and sold, consuming a huge amount of natural resource. CLIPPER is reusable, reliable and the No.1 refillable lighter in UK. We believe it is better to refill than to dispose.